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Global & Local Missions!


Commission on Global Ministries


To be a church is to be a church in mission. We come together to worship, to be challenged and renewed to go out to be the church carrying out "missio dei", God's mission in ministries to relate to the poor, the oppressed and distressed as given by Jesus in Matthew 25: 31-41.  'Whenever you do this unto one of the least of my brothers and sisters, you do this unto me." 


The purpose of the Global Ministries of Harris United Methodist Church is worked out locally and globally and comes from the Discipline of the United Methodist Church which declares that "the Church in mission is a sign of God's presence in the world". Global Ministries is not about programs and projects   - whether those are in relief, community-health programs or covenant missionary support.   We are part of the holy community and a sign of God's presence as we pursue God's mission. Our goals are


• Make disciples of Jesus Christ

• Alleviate human suffering

• Seek justice, freedom and peace


• Asia Rural Institute, Japan - Jonathan McCurley

• JAPAN - Rev. Toshimasa & Rev. Claudia Genung Yamamoto
• Nicaragua/Interpretation Ministry in US - Miguel Mairena and Nan McCurdy

Local Missions


Canned Goods Donations:  We continue to collect canned goods to support the Susannah Wesley Community Center Food Pantry.  Please drop your donations in the basket at the back of the sanctuary on Sunday or at the church office during weekdays.


Serving the homeless has been a priority for Harris UMC for more than 25 years.


Harris Soup Ministry prepares a soup meal and stir fried vegetables every Monday for the homeless residents of the Institute Of Human Services.  Approximately 200 people are fed.  For more information, call Kimi Sugamura at 941.6502.


Harris Sandwich Ministry provides a packaged lunch to the homeless that sleep at Aala Park.  48 lunch packages are prepared which consists of two sandwiches, peanut butter/jelly sandwich and ham/cheese sandwich along with one home-made cupcake.  A bag of hotel-sized toiletries are also given. Twice a year regular-size toiletries are provided.  For information, call Lorraine Kadooka at 664-9869. 

Harris Mission Bazaar

On November 4, 2016, Harris hosted the 54th Annual Mission Bazaar.  Work started early at 2:30 a.m. with the arrival of the pie baking crew and the start of rice cooking.  Preparation ended at 8:45 a.m. and sales stopped at 1:00 p.m.  The campus was nearly back to normal by 2:00 p.m.  At 4:45 p.m. when the truck pulled away with all the leftover goods, the weary bodies of the remaining skeleton crew heaved a sigh of relief and proclaimed, "Well done."


Originally the Bazaar netted $14,809.  However, after another round of sales of pies, Christmas chutney and a return on the proceeds of a Hawaiiana book, the final proceeds were $15,493.  The funds are designated for mission projects in our community and around the world.  Once again members and friends of Harris came together in work and prayer to raise funds for mission.  And as before, members and friends of Harris who developed and carried the Bazaar in the past are remembered as others step in to take their place in the storied history of the Harris Bazaar.  It is only through hard work, numerous donations, contributions, prayer and the grace of God that the Harris Bazaar continues.


Special thanks go to those who serve as chairs and co-chairs as they plan and carry out the work of their designated booth.  Businesses would be envious of these hardworking, skilled professionals serving as volunteer charis and co-chairs.


Mark your calendar for the 2017 Harris Bazaar, which will be held on Saturday, November 4, 2017.  See you there.


Dennis Pacht

Norma Kehrberg




Sunday Services

• Japanese | Sunday 9:00 a.m.

• English | Sunday 10:45 a.m.

• Evening | Sunday 5:00 p.m.


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